Rik van der Kroon

I am a project manager and marketing specialist who has worked in advertising and development agencies in Amsterdam and The Hague. As a graduate of the Communication and Multimedia Design programme in Rotterdam, I have broad knowledge and experience in the creative, technology and multimedia fields. I am currently working for Poet | Farmer in Rotterdam as a project manager and online communications consultant.

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After graduating from the Communication and Multimedia Design programme at the Hogeschool Rotterdam, I began my career working as a project manager and strategist for various companies in the creative industry. A big part of my jobs has been the setting up of new campaigns and brand activations and products for several customers in both the commercial as well as the public sector.
In my free time, I enjoy taking photographs and making films. The subject that inspires me the most is the city that I call home: Rotterdam. As for client work, I love to do event registration in combination with music videos. My favourite way of telling stories is through ad hoc and on the go shooting for both photo and video.
    Personal skills and prowesses::
  • Agile project management 100%

  • Marketing and tech trends 90%

  • Analytical and practical thinker 80%

  • Adobe Master Suite and more 70%

  • Have understanding of and have worked with:
  • HTML5/CSS3 80%

  • Xcode, Java 70%

  • PHP, Ruby On Rails, jQuery, Javascript, Action Script 60%

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Over here I write about my life and projects as a freelancer, as well as the work I do for the owners council of the building where I live.

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Rotterdam is a city which inspires me with its ever-changing skyline and dynamic people. From my home in the city centre, I can enjoy what Rotterdam has to offer to its fullest.


  Wijnbrugstraat 333 - 3011XW, Rotterdam



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